Our bots!

First of all here is a list of our OFFICIAL bots.
All others are not controled by CSGO-SKIN-RAFFLE.COM!

Official CSGO-SKIN-RAFFLE accounts:
Known SCAM accounts (pretend to be [CSGOSR] Armin):

Welcome to CS:GO Skin Raffle!

How it works? It's easy! Just follow these steps:

  • Login to Steam on the top of the website via "Steam OpenID" (What is this?)
  • Enter your trading URL (You find it here)
  • Submit a trade (1-10 skins per trade) to our bot. Maximum 3 trades per round.
  • After the trade has been accepted you get tickets depending on the value of the skins.
    ($1 = 100 Tickets, $10 = 1.000 Tickets, ...)
  • When the pot is filled with 50 skins or the timer ran down we randomly pick one random ticket. The trade assigned to this ticket will win the pot and gets all the skins!

Our skin values are based on the median prices of the Steam Community Market (and YES it can differ from the lowest price on market). You can check this value by yourself:
>>> Check Chroma 2 Case in example <<<


  1. Minimum trade limit $0.10
  2. Maximum 1 trade per player
  3. 5% more tickets on your value if you have "CSGO-SKIN-RAFFLE.COM" in your name
  4. MIN. 1 skin, MAX. 10 skins (otherwise the trade will be declined)
  5. The pot closes after a minimum of 50 skins have been placed or the timer ran down.
  6. 9% of the pot will be cut of every round. This value is based on the current pot value and will be held by the house in skins. If all other offers in sum are beyond 9% you just get your items back!
  7. After the pot is closed a trade offer will be sent to the winner without any waiting queue.